One Word 2012 : STRIVE

I've been thinking a lot about One Word 2012 for the past few weeks. From the beginning the word that kept popping up for me was routine. Setting routines and sticking with them in order to make my life better. then, today while I was reading articles about One Word my word came to me STRIVE. For in order to improve my life there needs to be more than just a routine set in place there needs to also be a momentum, a force that pulls you further and forwards and all I could think of was to strive. To continually improve and reach for all the goals you have set for yourself. And the word just clicked.

Here are some of the ways I want to strive this year. I know as days unfold I will be making lots of changes and additions to this list. But here's a starting point at least:

I want to STRIVE with my creativity, To continue to participate in challenges and classes that inspire me to create. To continue to learn new techniques. To learn art journaling. I want to create daily, to blog daily, and to take photographs daily.

I want to STRIVE to live fully. To make each moment count. To see the good in all. To cherish the little things. To remain positive. To challenge myself daily.

I want to STRIVE with my finances. To learn to stick to a budget. To stop being so impulsive with my money. To pay off debts I owe.

I want to STRIVE with my home. I want to participate in 52 Weeks to An Organized Home. I want to set up cleaning routines that the kids and I can follow to keep up to date with our cleaning. I wan to de-clutter and organize.

I want to STRIVE with my photography business. I want to learn more about my camera and photography in general. Search out some classes or challenges to help me improve. I want to STRIVE to have more photo shoots this year than last year (15).

I want to STRIVE with healthy choices. To make healthier more informed eating choices for the girls and I. To exercise (probably walking) three times per week for more than a half hour. To quit smoking. To quit drinking. To get more fresh air.

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  1. I really like your list. I've never heard of one word 2012 but I did choose a word for this year - focus. I think I am an undiagnosed ADD adult or something. I have a really hard time sticking with one project until it is finished. I even read 4 or more books at once. Every time I hear of a new craft or technique I run out and get all the stuff I need to get started and end up with a bunch of unfinished projects. My husband always says "focus focus!!" So that is my word LOL I really like how you used yours in sentences. I just joined just be yourself and the soar journal class so that is how I found you. I really like your blog!


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