{Texture Tuesday} The Warm eDition

I have become really interested in art journaling recently and have been searching through lots of blogs and websites for new idea and how-to information. I came across this awesome site by Kim Klassen. On the site she has a feature called Texture Tuesday.

Here are this week's TT challenge details.
  • Share an image centred around the word, warmth . Also, your image must contain at least one layer of any of my textures. 

My image recipe (by Kim Klassen)

  • Open the image in photoshop. 
  • Duplicate the background layer....or CS users can convert the background for smart filters. Apply a gaussian blur filter at about 8 px...this will vary depending on your image resolution. Change the layer blend mode to overlay and lower the opacity to about 65%.
  • Add a hue/sat adjustment layer and reduced the saturation in the red channel. 
  • Add a photo filter layer at warming filter 85 and lowered the layer blend mode to 45% opacity. 
  • Add a layer of Sunday texture at soft light 100% opacity and another layer Sunday texture at multiply 55% opacity.
  • Add a black and white adjustment layer or a black to white gradient map will work also....and lowered the opacity to 33%.
  • Duplicate the black and white adjustment layer and changed the blend mode to soft light at 33% opacity.
  • Add the type if you like.
  • The End
Here is the photo I created using this recipe.

this was the original image.

I really had a lot of fun doing this. I really was unaware that there were so many options to layers and blending. Going to have to make this a weekly challenge to do these Texture Tuesday's. Can't wait to learn more.
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Wordless Wednesday

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Sandra Collins Photography {Sneak Peeks: The "S" Family}

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7 Days In May -Day 7 - Art Journal Challenge

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Art Journal Challenge "I AM"

Over in the forums at JessicaSprague.com I have come accross a great art journal challenge. The promt for this week is "I AM". The post for this prompt had a link to a website that has a fill-in the blank poem called "I AM" that helps describe who you are. You can find the article and original poem here.

Here is my digital art journal page I created for this prompt.

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7 Days In May {Day 1 - Be Positive}

Last year I participated in the 7 Days of may challenges over at Jessica Sprugue's website. I had so much fun participating in the daily challenges and using the daily freebies. Couldn't wait this year when I found out that they were holding 7 Days In May again this year. Is anyone else participating?

Here's the info that was posted on the website for the Day 1 Challenge - Be Positive.

Our first challenge this week is a journaling challenge where I want you to focus on being inspirational and coax yourself, or someone else, on with positive words.
These are my requirements for the layout:
1. Use no more than one photo. If you want to leave the photo out completely that is fine.
2. Use at least three papers – patterned or solid
3. Use a quote or sentiment that you find inspirational, uplifting, or positive in your journaling (or title for that matter). You can include it in a longer text of your own or just use the quote or sentiment – the choice is yours.
4. Add elements of your choice, as many as you like, to finish the layout.
5. Post the layout in the challenge gallery and then come back here and let us know that you posted!

Here is the page I created using one of the journaling squares from today's freebie and using the instructions above. (You can find the freebie in the forums at JessicaSprague .com .

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The Three Curly Girlies

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The Most Remarkable Woman I Have Ever Known

Rest In Peace Grandma - I will love you for all of eternity.
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Beautiful Sunday

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Absolute Best Mother's Day Ever!

I had the most incredible Mother's Day this year. I have the most thoughtful girls in the world. It was so obvious to me that they had really taken their time choosing some gifts for me. For months I have been complaining to the girls that the hand lotion I bought in the winter really sucked. Way to watery. But of coarse I can't just throw it out because that's a waste of money. Emily bought me this incredible hand lotion from Fruits & Passions in the city with her dad. Amber's best friend's mom sells Avon. Amber gave her friend's mom some money and told her the types of things I like and her friend's mom made up a beautiful bag full of Avon stuff, a picture frame, a ceramic angel, and a coffee mug and little teddy bear that Says "Best Mum Ever! So so thoughtful and from the heart from both of them. Because I had gotten a foot care kit in the bag of Avon stuff the girls decided that they would like to go to Nana's and do pedicures. So off we went to Nana's new condo and we all did pedicures and the girls did manicures and Emily gave herself a face mask. It was so much fun. It's been far to long since I have indulged myself and done something completely girly like that. Then Wayne and Anneth came for supper and we had a fantastic meal together. The evening was spent playing a board game and relaxing with the girls. The best Mother's Day ever!

Emily doing the foot soak.

Mom and her foot soak.

Miss Amber


Nana being as crazy as ever

supper preparations

snack time

AJ & I

Miss Emily & I

she always has to make faces for the camera lol

the girls picked out these carnations to give to their Nana

Anneth, Mom, AJ, Wayne & Emily

dessert yum

Me being silly with Em

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Sandra Collins Photography: Pretty In Pink

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A couple layouts ...

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