Finding God

About 5 years ago I made a choice. A choice that was wrong and I knew it. Afterwards I felt like I wasn't good enough for God to be in my life. I felt as if I had let Him down and I walked away from my church. I walked a way from a life I had built for myself based on faith and the support of fellow Christians. I walked away from a life I loved. And never looked back over all these years. God was just not the focus of my life anymore. I felt empty.

Slowly, over these past few weeks I am finding God everywhere. In my thoughts, in the choices of music I listen to, even in the new art journal project I am working on called Soar. I am finding HIM everywhere. Constant reminders that God wants me back. He wants me to led my life for Him and to discover what it is He has in store for me.

I am just in awe. That suddenly it's as if a switch has turned on and there is a chance for light in my life. I just need to surrender to His will. I need to stop putting myself and my needs and desires first. I need to make the Lord the first priority. I am slowly finding my way back and am encouraged more and more each day as He is becoming more important again.

Dreams really can come true. If that's what God has chosen for your life they really can come true.

I feel so blessed right now. So open to change. So willing to surrender.
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  1. Sandra. This touches me deeply. I struggle SO much in my walk with God. It's hard to stay on that narrow path. I'm so glad that God is opening up your heart for you to find your way again. I'll be continually keeping you in my prayers, asking Him to gently guide you down His pathway. ((hugs)) God is indeed great!

  2. Thanks Kyla you are such a good friend.

  3. I'm happy to see you are going back to God. He loves you and wants everyone to love him back. God has always been around me when I needed him too. It seems as if everywhere I have worked there has been a Christian who became a good friend. I think God puts just the right people and other "signs" right where you need them at just the right moment. And the Holy Spirit is there to give you that FEELING that something isn't right or you need to go a different way. God bless.
    I'm having a hard time getting this to post so I'm trying different ways. This is Donna from mygardenblue.wordpress.com


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