Mental Health Monday - 10 Tools To Live Your Life Well

Each January as a new year is beginning, I like to sit down and reflect on my past and think forwards to my future. Starting each January I have so many dreams and wishes for the year to come. By the end of January though I find that I am not changing as much as I would like and I become very negative towards myself. Once that begins I loose all sight of the goals and dreams in my mind. This year, this JJanuary I am going to focus on the positive. On keeping my thoughts and ideas positive. I'm going to focus on positive action. Positive goals. I read a fantastic article  on 10 Tools to Live Your Life Well and thought I'd share what I found.

The 10 Tools To Live Your Life Well

1. Connect with others
research points out that social connection can
increase happiness,
lead to better health
and lead to a longer life

2. Stay Positive
focus on the positive as much as possible
practise gratitude
avoid negative thinking

3. Get physically active
many have found that exercises can
decrease stress, anger and tension
reduce anxiety and depression
offers a greater sense of well-being

4. Help Others
research shows that the more you help others
less depression
greater calm
fewer pains
better health

5. Get Enough Sleep
if you get enough sleep you are more likely to
succeeded at your tasks
have a greater sense of well-being

6. Create Joy & Satisfaction
good feelings can
help you bounce back from stress
solve problems
think flexibly
fight disease

7. Eat Well
you've got to eat well to function well

8. Take Care Of Your Spirit
 spirituality offers many benefits
offers sense of purpose & meaning
better mood
less anxiety & depression
fewer aches & illnesses

9. Deal Better With Hard Times
write it out
tackle your problems
get support
shift your thinking

10. Get professional help if you need it

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