52 Weeks To An Organized Home : Week 1

I just happened to stumble on this organized house challenge on the Home Storage Solutions 101 site. In focusing on my One Word 2012 which is STRIVE this seemed like the perfect challenge to participate in. For one of the areas I want to STRIVE in my life is to purge, declutter and organize my home. As well as to create a cleaning routine that is easy to stick with so that my house isn't always such a mess. When it's a mess I feel bad about it, about people seeing it, about my ability as a mom and woman. I really get down on myself. By STRIVING to create a home I love being in that is neat and organized I am STRIVING to feel better about who I am.


Step 1 - Think about the functions of your kitchen.
Step 2 - Create usable counter space & clear your table.
Step 3 - Consider storage solutions to help clear counter space.
Step 4 - Create a habit of keeping your sink clear from dishes at least 2 times per day.

The kitchen is definitely the worst room in my home. I absolutely hate doing dishes. Today I am going to tackle this week's challenge. I took some before pictures (which are embarrassing to actually look at.) I will blog later about completing the challenge and will include some before & after photos.
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