Money + Possibility An Experiment

"The experiment is simple:  Starting now, you make the Goddess of Possibility your financial adviser, until the end of the month (and beyond, if it’s working for you)."

When you engage your imagination fully, you become possibility.

As you and the Goddess of Possibility work magic with your money this month, this is the larger question for you to consider:
What is more powerful, money or possibility?
What happens in your world when money is more powerful than possibility?
What happens in your world when possibility is more powerful than money?

This completely fits in with my One Word Strive. Getting control of my finances is something I desperately need for my life. When it comes to money I really am a complete mess. I never follow a budget. I am completely impulsive and spend my money without even stopping to think. I have the best intentions as for how I want to spend my money. I just have no control over myself once I have it. This is something that causes the most amount of  stress in my life. Something I never feel in control of. And something that causes so much guilt once I have spent unwisely. I really beat myself a lot when it comes to money. In STRIVING to get my finances  under control I hope to learn to feel better about myself and who I am.

Just a little while ago I went to the mall with Emily. She wanted more printer ink to print some pictures. I had enough money in the account but needed to spend that money on something I've budgeted for. I actually did stop and think about the topic of possibility and instantly set it aside and bought the ink anyways. Now, as usual I know I was stupid and I am beating myself up for being so stupid. Feels like I'll never learn.

I am going to think seriously about this topic over the rest of the month. It is something I so desperately need to work on. I am going to sit down and but a budget on paper. One I can actually look at. Maybe having something to look at, something tangible, will help me to remain more focused on being more responsible.
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