January 2012 Month Of Possibility

Andrea Schroder from the creative magic Academy has once again come up with a project I can't wait to participate in.

According to Andrea:
"Forget resolutions. Introducing a whole Month of Possibility.

We’re going to start 2012 with magic sparkles and powerful intentions.

We’re going to start 2012 with a whole Month of Possibility.

A month filled with explorations, experiments, lessons, inspirations, clue-finding missions and special goodies that help you deepen your relationship with possibility.

Possibility is oxygen for your dreams.

Possibility is the lamp that helps you move through the hard parts.

Possibility can always find a shortcut.

Possibility holds the blueprints for the larger vision of what your life can be.

Your first assignment is to let this marinate.

We’re talking about exploring, stretching, diving.
Discovering new territory.
This is big stuff!  And the bigger the stuff, the smaller the first steps should be.
Think about:
What could happen if you deepened your relationship with possibility?  What might change, in your inner and outer worlds?"

It's rare that I believe that all the possibilities in my head can happen. I think that focusing a month on possibility and what it can mean for my life is a wonderful thing. The timing of this project is perfect! There's no better way to start off the beginning of a brand new year. I think that believing in possibility will open up so many doors for me. It will turn everything around. Negative to positive. Unmanageable to manageable. Chaos to control.
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