Delight Your Senses

I came across this exercise in the Jamie Ridler Studios Newsletter and thought it was a great exercise to complete. The goal is to list the things that delight your senses and then in the month of June try and experience those things.

What delights you?

A simple way to touch in and reconnect with  your delights is to start with your senses.

What sights, sounds, tastes, smells and sensations do you enjoy? Fresh baked brownies? The feel of yarn between your fingers? The early morning breeze? Your baby's giggle?

Grab your journal or print the worksheet found in the Jamie Ridler Studios Newsletter and gather your delights - 5 per sense - like I have below. See how many you can invite into your life this month - and enjoy!

List 5 Delights for Each Sense

I love the taste of...
  • black coffee
  • weinerschnitzel
  • chocolate swirl cheesecake
  • butterscotch pie
  • broccoli & chicken casserole
I love the sight of...
  • my girls laughing 
  • sunrises & sunsets
  • fun mail in my mailbox
  • Gerber daisies
  • my shelf of dad's little keepsakes
I love the feel of...
  • hugs from my girls
  • clean sheets
  • being at the spa
  • Emily's fluffy blanket
  • love from my closest friends
I love the smell of...
  • fresh flowers
  • a fresh pot of coffee
  • citrus scents
  • vanilla
  • the air after it rains
I love the sound of...
  • my kids laughing together
  • a favourite song coming on the radio
  • thunder storms
  • the race cars at the track
  • a fire crackling

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