Completed some challenges and projects these past few days ...

I was excited when I noticed that there was a Speed Scrap taking place Thursday night after the kids went to bed on the JessicaSprague.com website. I was excited to play along for the first time ever! It was fun, a little rushed but I was able to complete all the steps.

1. Use at least 2 photos that were taken outside!
2. Keep one photo in colour and change at least one photo to black and white!3. You can use any patterned paper at all, but one must have some yellow in it!
4. Use at least 5 stars somewhere on the layout!
5. Use some bling! (something shiny or with sparkle, sequins, glitter, sparkly button, rhinestone, etc)
6. Journal in a typewriter style font!
7. Make a title that uses multiple fonts!

Here's the page I created:
(I had a lot of fun making this one!)

Then, it was supposed to be my weekend with the kids but they ended up having plans and being gone most of the day Saturday and Sunday. This left me lots of unexpected free time so I decided to play with my digital art supplies again. To get some inspiration, I decided to complete an art journal challenge at the Just Be Yourself Ning group. The challenge was to use the theme: Summer Fun and/or the following colour palette:

Here's my art journal page (love these colours!)

I also created an art journal page for the SOAR journaling Project. i am working on lesson #10 right now which focused on relaxing. Here's the page I created using relax as a prompt:

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  1. Happy to hear you had time to create! Great job on both...love your Summer Fun page! Without even reading it, it looks like summer fun! You nailed the challenge...so happy you're working on your Soar lessons...thank you for being so faithful to them...love and hugs!


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