{Texture Tuesday} The Warm eDition

I have become really interested in art journaling recently and have been searching through lots of blogs and websites for new idea and how-to information. I came across this awesome site by Kim Klassen. On the site she has a feature called Texture Tuesday.

Here are this week's TT challenge details.
  • Share an image centred around the word, warmth . Also, your image must contain at least one layer of any of my textures. 

My image recipe (by Kim Klassen)

  • Open the image in photoshop. 
  • Duplicate the background layer....or CS users can convert the background for smart filters. Apply a gaussian blur filter at about 8 px...this will vary depending on your image resolution. Change the layer blend mode to overlay and lower the opacity to about 65%.
  • Add a hue/sat adjustment layer and reduced the saturation in the red channel. 
  • Add a photo filter layer at warming filter 85 and lowered the layer blend mode to 45% opacity. 
  • Add a layer of Sunday texture at soft light 100% opacity and another layer Sunday texture at multiply 55% opacity.
  • Add a black and white adjustment layer or a black to white gradient map will work also....and lowered the opacity to 33%.
  • Duplicate the black and white adjustment layer and changed the blend mode to soft light at 33% opacity.
  • Add the type if you like.
  • The End
Here is the photo I created using this recipe.

this was the original image.

I really had a lot of fun doing this. I really was unaware that there were so many options to layers and blending. Going to have to make this a weekly challenge to do these Texture Tuesday's. Can't wait to learn more.
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  1. Candles are difficult to capture - you did a great job with this!!


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