Absolute Best Mother's Day Ever!

I had the most incredible Mother's Day this year. I have the most thoughtful girls in the world. It was so obvious to me that they had really taken their time choosing some gifts for me. For months I have been complaining to the girls that the hand lotion I bought in the winter really sucked. Way to watery. But of coarse I can't just throw it out because that's a waste of money. Emily bought me this incredible hand lotion from Fruits & Passions in the city with her dad. Amber's best friend's mom sells Avon. Amber gave her friend's mom some money and told her the types of things I like and her friend's mom made up a beautiful bag full of Avon stuff, a picture frame, a ceramic angel, and a coffee mug and little teddy bear that Says "Best Mum Ever! So so thoughtful and from the heart from both of them. Because I had gotten a foot care kit in the bag of Avon stuff the girls decided that they would like to go to Nana's and do pedicures. So off we went to Nana's new condo and we all did pedicures and the girls did manicures and Emily gave herself a face mask. It was so much fun. It's been far to long since I have indulged myself and done something completely girly like that. Then Wayne and Anneth came for supper and we had a fantastic meal together. The evening was spent playing a board game and relaxing with the girls. The best Mother's Day ever!

Emily doing the foot soak.

Mom and her foot soak.

Miss Amber


Nana being as crazy as ever

supper preparations

snack time

AJ & I

Miss Emily & I

she always has to make faces for the camera lol

the girls picked out these carnations to give to their Nana

Anneth, Mom, AJ, Wayne & Emily

dessert yum

Me being silly with Em

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