Muchness Meets Photography 30 Day Challenge

Seeing the beauty and joy around you can sometimes be nothing more than habit. When we go through hard times, devastating losses or just hit a rough patch, we get into the habit of only seeing the bad. We carry with us the negativity and it tends to colour everything we see with it’s murkiness and yuck. Taking the 30 Day Challenge literally forces us to put on our rose coloured glasses and See The Muchness- see the colour, see the bright spots in our days, despite the darkness that may surround it. And when we change our habit, we change our perspective. By the end of 30 days you will feel different. You will feel lighter, you will feel more in touch with what makes you, you. What makes you smile. What makes you feel whole. What puts you In Touch with The Much!®
On the Finding My Muchness Website, Tova talks about two kinds of muchness:
  • The first are the organic moments that just happen – your baby covered herself in mashed potatoes, a beautiful sunset behind an abandoned old warehouse, the view of your family on a walk, all holding hand; things which simply made you stop and smile and give thanks for the things you have in this world.
  • The second type are MUCHNESS moments that are ‘manufactured.’ Sequins and high heels on a random Tuesday, baking a cake and decorating it with edible glitter, just so you can photograph it, an otherwise pointless picture of yourself making a silly face.
I plan on trying to pay attention and document the moments that just happen. For those moments are the ones that are truly precious. I am also going to challenge myself to find my muchness in feeling good about myself. In order to do that I am challenging myself to walk every day for 30 days for at least a half hour.
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